Vertical gin pole lifting temporary or permanent monopole


Tower Joining and Raising–Without Cranes or Power

Our Vertical Gin Pole system allows installers to easily join pole sections together and raise the pole to a height for easy turbine installations. To raise the pole, simply use the telescoping handle and crank. It’s a small-footprint system that’s perfect for tight locations, and it works great for remote sites without power.

  • One-Person Operation: Eliminates the need for a large crew, heavy equipment, crane and even power
  • Multi-Purpose: Join slip-fit tower sections and raise tower
  • Efficient: Allows for installation at tight locations and remote sites
  • Temporary or Permanent: Can be removed or left in place for occasional lowering/raising to prevent storm damage to turbine
Capacity: Up to 2048 kg (3 tons)
Height Capability: Up to 14 m (45 ft) depending on turbine load
Raising Mechanism:
Grip hoist winch
Mounting: Mounts directly to pre-configured ARE anchor bolts
Shipping: Single crate, 539 x 2082 x 609 mm (21 x 82 x 24 inches)
Warranty Five Year