Safe and Easy Raising and Lowering Without a Crane

The ARE motorized system uses a small motor to raise and lower our monopole wind tower after it has been installed, without the need for a crew or crane. It’s perfect for turbines that require regular maintenance or for coastal locations where severe weather is a concern. ARE’s motorized system makes owning a wind turbine easy, affordable and safe.

  • Easy: No hydraulics, crew or crane required (power source required)
  • Protects Wind Turbine: Lower for storms; no hydraulics or shock loading
  • Slow Raising: Controlled and safe, with emergency shutoff system and hand crank backup
  • Versatile: Multiple sizes and lengths to fit your pole’s specifications
  • Great for Owners: Lower tower yourself to prevent storm damage
  • Great for Installers: Removable jack can be used at multiple sites
Capacity: For systems up to 998 kg (2,200 lb)
Height Capability: Up to 24 m (80 ft) for a 20 kW turbine
Motor: 120 V or 240 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz electric motor
Installation: Crane, forklift or boom truck
Raising Mechanism:
Worm screw
Mounting: Mounts directly to pre-configured ARE towers
Shipping: Quality reusable crate
Warranty Five Year