Why ARE Monopoles? There are 3 reasons.

We’re Experts. No other company has designed and created poles that are self-raising and can support up to 15,000 lbs of wind turbine. If we can do this, designing and manufacturing conventional monopoles are easy.

Quality. Tolerances on our foundations and self-raising poles are much more precise than conventional monopoles and the need for exact manufacturing is required. Our factories deliver the highest quality and use the latest and most sophisticated manufacturing equipment. While the equipment used in making monopoles is the same nearly everywhere on the planet, attention to detail and skill is not.

Value. With lower cost manufacturing in Asia and no private jets to fly us around, our overhead is significantly lower than the big manufacturers resulting in pricing that is typically lower as well, with better lead-times and no delays or missed deadlines after we’ve received our order.

Monopoles Data Sheet


Our company also welcomes small quantity orders. You will not be penalized with exorbitant pricing for a 1-off pole order.

The process is easy.  Fill out our Technical Data Sheet and we’ll get back to you with budgetary pricing based on previous projects similar to yours.  Once approved by you, we’ll proceed with analysis and a formal quote with firm manufacturing lead times.

Google X-Team Makani Project – Hawaii

Google X-Team Makani Project – Hawaii