An Economical Raising System That’s Easy to Construct and Operate

Our gin pole system allows installers to easily raise and lower wind poles for turbine installations and service visits. The unit attaches to the tower base at a 90-degree angle. A cable attached to the gin pole end and tower bracket is used to raise or lower the system. The gin pole is removed once the tower is upright and bolted to the foundation.

  • Versatile: Use hand-driven or motorized winch or a vehicle
  • Small Crew Installs: No more than three workers required
  • Installer Tool: Is easily removed and can serve one or multiple sites
Height Capability: Up to 30 m (100 ft) depending on turbine load
Raising Mechanism:
Hand or motorized winch (not included) or vehicle
Mounting: Mounts directly to pre-configured ARE anchor bolts
Shipping: Single crate
Warranty Five Year